Erika Albert

Let's Break The Cycle Series

Entitlement, Narcissism, Gaslighting, Toxic Relationships, and Codependency are all becoming epidemics in our current times. It was bad before but add a pandemic and these issues have gone nuclear in the past couple of years. This series will focus on helping you and/or those you know to identify, deal with, and eventually eliminate these growing behavioral and psychological problems in your life.

Maelle Albert

The Elementals

A YA/Teen series adventure - Stay tuned for more information coming soon.

Erika Albert

Making of a Madam

An erotica, mystery, thriller that follows the life of a strong-minded business student that lost just about everything. Yet somehow she found herself prospering in the last place she would have imagined. Then again, isn't it the only place she can get her revenge?