Let's Break The Cycle - Series

Entitlement, Narcissism, Gaslighting, Toxic Relationships, and Co-Dependency are all becoming epidemics in our current times. It was bad before but add a pandemic and these issues have gone nuclear in the past couple of years. Families living, studying, and working together in the confines of their homes for months on end may have been considered convenient at first, but over time these conditions negatively affected so many.

Routines are no longer kept, what was considered a break from home life when children are in school or you are at work vanished, social and sports activities slowed to almost a halt. Everything melds together resulting in emotions running high and stress setting in deep. Just to name a few.

Now parents are working, cooking, doing laundry, and keeping their kids entertained, schooled, and even out of their hair so they too can work their day jobs all from dawn until dusk. What do you think will happen? 

Kids are given more leniency, becoming more entitled. Teens are rebelling and causing havoc because they are bored. Husbands and wives are arguing over petty things and finding it difficult to find time alone. By themselves or together. Domestic abuse and divorce rates have skyrocketed so much so that there are waiting lists months long before any true help can be provided or legal decisions made. 

All of these factors have taken a massive toll on the mental health of the world’s population. And there are always those who will take advantage of the weakened. 

This series will focus on helping you and/or those you know to identify, deal with, and eventually eliminate these growing behavioral and psychological problems in your life.  We have all met one of them and/or dealt with the other now or at some point, and no doubt will again. These books will help you learn how to recognize the signs and how to cope with the inevitable changes that have to happen in order to safeguard your own mental health and safety and those you care for and love. 

  • Book 1 - “Nip it in the bud” by stopping entitled behavior in your children and teens and recognizing the signs of enabling with, I Want It Now! The Veruka Salt Effect.

  • Book 2 - Teaches you how to spot a narcissist or recognize when you’re being gaslighted. Arm yourself with coping mechanisms to help you understand that YOU are not the problem. Find your strengths and courage to leave or slowly separate yourself from that person. Details on this book coming soon.

  • Book 3 - Are you co-dependent or is someone co-depending on you? Do you have a toxic relationship you just can’t shake? An alcoholic abusive partner or parent? An abusive adult child who just won’t leave home and is draining you of your savings? Learn how to identify the signs and change your mindset and also how to let go of that toxic person once and for all. 

  • Book 4 - Finally brings the cycle to a close helping you find your way to healthy living, free from people who mentally and physically drag you down, by learning self-compassion and self-care. Reminding you that it’s okay to put yourself first and to discover new paths that promote humanism, peace, and harmony in your life.

Studies show that many of these mental health symptoms and abusive behaviors derive from entitlement as a child and that entitlement and narcissism will continue to get worse if something is not done about it soon.

Just like we are all trying to do our part to reverse the effects of global warming, we must also take action now to save our humanity. This is done by Breaking The Cycle and stopping the escalation of entitlement and narcissism from further impacting our society.  

Beginning with entitlement, Let’s Break the Cycle for our future generations.

Only by bringing these growing issues to light and implementing change can we make a difference for our future and for those we love. 

I Want It Now! The Veruka Salt Effect

Book 1  - Lets Break The Cycle Series

Combating the Need for Instant Gratification in an Age of Entitlement

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